SnappyMail now offered on Nextcloud... A Possible eMail Solution?

Could this be a good alternative to Rainloop?

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The team is already testing snappymail as an alternative. Will share more details once we have a positive result.


@Seven both of us discussed this 3 months ago, it’s still the best upgrade path currently that manoj signaled then is being considered - Rainloop is Depreciated! Any Suggested Alternatives/Replacements? - #5 by tcecyk

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Thank you for the fast response! I had no idea which direction Murena was going to take. Nice to hear Murena is working on a solution. I am sure it can’t be easy, so I am sure we all appreciate the time and patience you guys are putting into this. :slightly_smiling_face:


@tcecyk Indeed we did discuss this a bit ago. I didn’t see anything so I thought I’d mention it again. It’s great news to hear Murena is on the job and testing Snappy to be sure this is the best solution for the Murena community. I look forward to hearing more news in time from the team. I have no doubt Manoj is on the job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can opt-in for the cloud beta channel. Just dig a bit in the settings. There you will see the next email interface.


Just an update…all users should be seeing snappymail instead of Rainloop now


What a nice surprise, I like it and so far so good. I have one question - is there a way to turn off the different color of email threads? i.e. the faint yellow tint vs. the normal white (see attached pic)

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Mails and Attachements dont seem to load good or even at all. Also the login failed multiple times…
Edit: Sent folder is completly empty after sending an email? Im sorry but this HAS to work, Im not able to do my E-mails at the moment!

@cornfarmer snappymail seems to have themes in the email settings. One of Which is the Murena theme which seems to make it look like the rest of Murena cloud. This may help.

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@Manoj This is good news indeed. Thanks for sharing. Now I do have a question about sending email from one of the aliases. For some reason if you attempt to send or send an email to, any alias. The email will not send or receive. Is this a glitch? Is this something that can be addressed?

I haven’t been able to login to my email since the switch to snappymail, but it does still sync to my phone (using default android mail app). It fails with “Server message: AUTHENTICATIONFAILED Authentication failed.”

I’ve tried disabling Brave shields and my vpn, and have restarted and cleared my browsing data. I also haven’t been able to find any other documentation about this.

I’m using the latest version of Brave (Version 1.48.171).

Any help would be appreciated.

Got the same problem when I try to login via my murena account. Type your email as your login and then try again - worked for me.

Of course it was that simple…

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, since moving to SnappyMail, the body of the emails from one specific sender ( appears to be completely empty. That wasn’t happening before. Even previous emails from them now have empty body. I can see the mail body fine from K-9 on Android, but not from my pc.

Could you please share your “Message view” settings?
It can be accessed from SnappyMail settings, button at right of your email address, top right of your screen.

Hi @Manoj,

Thanks for the follow-up ! :slight_smile:
Will SnappyMail, with the Murena tuning, be offered to self-hosters, too?

Thanks for the quick response @smu44, here’s the message view settings screenshot:

Should be, but I will get a confirmation from the team and get back. Maybe you should create an issue around this, which we can then assign to the infra team.

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@smu44 I have to admit, that would be a very exciting option for many.