SNCF app bug + Gmail crash

Hi !
my new fairphone 3 has just arrived today, with /e/, I’m very happy ! :smile:
I installed a few apps (Proton* ecosystem), and they work.
However, I also had to install Gmail (shame, but need to access some data from it), and it’s impossible to open the app : it is crashing immediately with a message “Gmail systemmaticaly stops”.

Also, I have installed the french train application : “SNCF” (or Assistant SNCF).
But I can’t connect to my already created account, which is pretty annoying : I click on “Connect” and get a message “Connection failed”.

Is it possible to know more about those bugs ?
Eventually report them at the correct place to help developers and be sure it will be fixed one day ?


Good luck telling Google they should make the Google mail App run without Google services on the phone :wink: .

If you really (really!) need Gmail to work 100% of the time, /e/ is the wrong OS for you, I’m afraid.


SNCF needs ‘gg plaie sevices’ too, unfortunately…

Here is the (bad) workaround I’d found (in French).

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Thanks for your replies.
Indeed, I am stopping using gmail little and little, but still need it right now.
So I will access it through firefox.

And for SNCF, thanks trefix, I saw the post and will try !

You can use any email client to consult your Gmail box.

Hello, thank you for your purchase !

Indeed if you only need the Gmail app to read and send your mails, you could use the default Mail app insteand of the Gmail app, thanks to the IMAP protocol.

You can learn more about how to configure this :

I have realized I did’nt update the status…
Thank you very much for all replies.
Indeed, I wasn’t expecting Gmail application to work but better to try…
Now, I have installed "FairEmail’ and it works pretty well.
Also thanks @trefix , I have followed your suggestion and now the SNCF app is working !