[SOLVED] Applications disappeared


I lost two of my applications by inadvertance.
I was trying to move an application in my home screen but, I presume, I accidentally hit the - sign.

It is a pity that, in such a case, no confirmation pop-up is proposed.

However, is there a way to recover the lost application (with its settings, records, history …) from a “application bin” ?

Thanks for your advices.
Samsung S7 user

By the way : what about to add “Reverso” to the apps list ?

Could you try ‘wipe storage’ and ‘cache’ under ‘settings/apps/BlissLauncher’ ? Could be that the y come back, when you haven’t unistalled them. But than you lost all your personal settings in Bliss like folders and so on.

Thanks Harvey for your swift response.

Can you tell me what is the path to find their root directory. I’am unable to locate them.


Hello @YFi, please see also here …

@archje I always find it amazing how you can cross-reference everything and everyone.

And I’m serious, no irony or anything. :+1: :+1:

@harvey186, if I had your volume of contacts, it would certainly be more exhausting for me to remember certain answers … ;-\

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Hello Everybody

I got it !

I cleared the cache (Settings/Apps/BlissLauncher) . I didn’t cleared the data storage.
Then I restarted the Samsung 7.
Everything is fine.

Thanks a lot.

Hello, there is a bug that can easily occur when you move an icon. The icon can disappear, but you just have to quit the ‘moving icon to delete apps’ mode and re enter it by a long press on an icon.
Maybe it’s not what occured to you but other people might face this situation.