[SOLVED] Audio issue with Oneplus 5


Does anyone know how to fix the audio issue on Onepluse 5?
Also, the home button does not work at all.

I have been seeing updates for the /e/ rom being rolled out but none of them addressed these two issues.

Any one has an update, please let me know


Hi @xkvr pl can you provide more details of what the issue is you are facing in the audio.
A bug raised here with log would help the developers understand the issue better.

Hello @Manoj
I just want to make sure that this is related the ONEplus 5 and not OnePlus5T.
The aduio issue is that there is no sound output when I play any audio file. The same issue exists during phone calls. Also notifications do not sound when they occur because o the same issue.

The second issue is the hardware Home button on OnePlus 5 does not work at all. Only the “Back” and “Recent” buttons work.

I tried installing all available released versions of the /e/ rom for OnePlus 5 but I did not have any luck.
I followed the steps and formatted Data partition and I entered “Yes” then flashed the rom but these two issues have been persistent in the past 4 or 5 releases of the rom

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

it sounds, that you have an firmware issue. Which OS was on your device BEFORE flashing eOS ? If it was eOS (you have written about update) so I think raising an issue is the best, as Manoj has written.

otherwise the best way is always flashing first the same stock android version as eOS to have the right firmware.

I was one Lineage 15.1 and the firmware I was on was 5.1.4.

Every time I flashed eOS I made sure I followed the following steps:

  1. Format Data ( typed Yes)
  2. Format system, cache …etc
  3. Flashed Firmware 5.1.4
  4. Rebooted back to TWRP
  5. Formatted Data again
  6. Flashed eOS

but the sound and the home button issues are not resolved.

The moment I switch back to LineageOS 15.1 or as a matter of fact, any other ROM everything works fine, the sound and the home button.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong along these steps. I am following the steps in this link:

But I am confused about wheather I should flash Lineage OS first then flash eOS on top of it because in link above and the picture attached, the instructions say that the phone must be on Firmware 5.1.4 BUT THEN down below it lists the recommended firmware packages for Lineage 15.1 and Lineage 16.0.

This is where I get confused. IF the eOS itself is Nougat the why Lineage 15.1 firmware and Lineage 16.0 firmware are being recommended.

Thanks in advance!

First, you can spare a point. This will work:

  1. wipe system, cache …etc
  2. Format data
  3. Reboot back to TWRP
  4. Flash Firmware xxxx
  5. Flashed eOS

Lineage15.1. = OREO, Lineage16 = Pie and your eOS is nougat (lineage14). That’s the issue I think. Your firmware is for OREO or PIE not for Nougat. Downgrading to nougat is often a pain.

I would search for nougat firmware and flash it at point 4.

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Thank you @harvey186
I have the latest Nougat firmware ( OnePlus 5 OxygenOS 4.5.15 Firmware+Radio)
I can try and flash it at point 4 and see what happens. Unless you are saying that there is a whole different process to go back to Nougat?


Going back to nougat is not working on all phones. Best way is always to flash first stock android 7 (firmware) and than eOS. But for example o Samsung you can’t go back to nougat becuase of different boot loader.

Oh Ok I see.
I will check on XDA Developers Forum and see if there is any special procedure for OnePlus 5 to go back to Nougat and I will give it a try.

I will update you if I find anything…stay tuned :smile:

Thanks again for the the tips…

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Hi @harvey186

I flashed OnePlus 5 OxygenOS 4.5.15 Firmware+Radio and then flashed eOS and now the home button and the sound work. Thanks!

I have one question for my own understanding and learning, I flashed the latest eOS, the Phone information in “Settings” shows that the last Android Security Patch is from February 5, 2020 but Android Version is 7.1.2. How is this possible? I mean Android 7.1.2 is no longer being supported so how is it showing that the security patch date is from February 2020?

Can Android Security Patches be downloaded and flashed separately regardless of which Android Version is running?

Thanks again for the help

Great. Glad that it is working.

No, but they can integrated in ‘old’ roms. The developer have to made some changes and than they can integrate the patch into the rom and you will get it with next update.

EDIT: Can you please add to your first post headline [SOLVED] ? Thx

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