[SOLVED] Continuous Samsung reboot after "encryption failed, need to reset default factory"

Hello everyone,
I’ve just bougth a Samsung S9+ and try to install /e/ on it. But I do not succeed so I request some help from the community.

In the current state my S9 is rebooting continuously by himself. I can stop it by reentering the recovery mode and TWRP open. I’ve followed the HOWTO guide (French Version) (I’m a newbe in flashing, my first time)

I face multiple troubles :
1> I get an error flashing the ROM --> Vendor image missing (see post here)
2> I’ve done like Nathanael and I’ve flashed the VENDOR-27_ARI9.zip file first, then I’ve flashed the /e/ os file : e-0.6-o-2019060812705-dev-star2lte.zip
3> It succeed and my smartphone reboot with the e logo :+1:
4> I’ve received a message like “encryption failed, need to reset default factory. data will be deleted…”. No choice, I did it.
5> Then my system start rebooting continuously : boot -> e logo -> reboot -> e logo -> reboot…

Any clue about what I can do ?
Thank you in advance.

Ok I succeed with this tuto and this one --> need to Repair or Change File System.

Now it’s ok.