[SOLVED] Device state locked / Fairphone 3+ easy-installer

Hi everyone,
This is my first post for help !
Windows 10 + data USB-c cable. I got a fresh new Fairphone 3+.
I’m trying to use the easy-installer.

Everything is OK till the FAST BOOT MODE : the DEVICE STATE is “locked”.

I can’t get any further whilst I read many post here and on forum.fairphone.

Is there any tips I didn’t get ?

Thanks for all,

LPD (France)

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Does it look like this on your computer and FP3?

If that’s the case, I’ll recycle a reply from a similar question


Thank you dear Ingo,
That is exactly the screens I’ve got.I’m gonna check your links.
Take care

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Device unlocked and /e/ installed thanks to you and yours answers & links.
Danke gut !