[SOLVED] /e/ How to connect TASKs to Nexcloud account?

I am trying to connect TASKS to my usual nextcloud account.
I can’t find where to input another account than my /e/ account.

It is possible on Note, but seems not on Tasks.

Did i miss something?

The tasks-app stores tasks in calendar accounts.

So in your nextcloud create a calendar for your account (you might have to install the according Nextcloud-addon), then access this calendar account from your device via WebDAV (Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> WebDAV). Then the calendar account should be visible in the tasks-app and you should be able to add tasks to this new calendar account. (Did not try this with Nextcloud, but it worked for me with a different CalDAV-Server)


Thanks Markus.
It works.
/e/ support is top! :slight_smile: