[SOLVED] FP3+ ready for daily use?

Dear all,
I love what the /e/ team and the community is doing :slight_smile:

I consider to switch to /e/ on my FP3+ but see some entries on the bug tracker that worry me. I absolutely understand that it is my responsibility to check if my favorite apps are working. Some of the topics in the bug tracker are more like “phone switches off when using navigation” or “phone shuts down randomly” or “phone is super slow unless performance mode is enabled”. Given this, are these issues a status quo when installing /e/ on a FP3+ or are these issues more like an individual problem when you apply some modifications to a vanilla /e/ installation to an FP3+?
(update: I was not able to find data to distungish this)

In short: is it possible to run /e/ stable on a FP3+ or am I supposed to accept drawbacks on an OS level?

Thank you very much for your effort, the world needs this!

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For me personal everything works fine. I’m a mainstream user and love the OS, didn’t have much trouble yet and if so, it was my fault most of the times. Only bug I registered now is that the flashlight doesn’t work at low battery, but thats something I can handle :slight_smile:

I have a simple FP3, but it should be the same with the FP3+. In my case, everything works well. As I said in the French section, I’ve been using the stable version for more than a year, and all the apps I want to use work.

I noticed a few bugs that could be annoying for some though:

  • The base camera on the FP3 is not pretty because there’s a strange edge detection algorithm used in the default app. I simply went into the camera settings then "processing settings”, and switched “Edge mode algorithm” to “off”. Might not be the case on the FP3+ but still might be useful to know.
  • I get some echo on VoIP apps like signal or messenger when using loud voice. Using earpieces solves the issue, but I don’t know if it comes from /e/ or the phone itself.
  • Some banking apps do not work, but this is a general /e/ issue.
  • Dark mode is shit on the current version (0.17), but is going to be greatly improved in the few weeks.

I used navigation quite often, in the first few month I had an issue were disabling the gps would crash the UI, but it was quickly fixed. Never experienced the phone shutting itself off while navigating.

I think the people who have the most problems do a manual install, in my case I simply bought a preinstalled FP3 with /e/ from the shop.

I guess most /e/ users with a Fairphone 3/3+ have done a manual install, I can’t imagine customers who bought from the e foundation would be a majority (although official numbers would be interesting), and then there would be the question what the e foundation could do other than manually installing the phones they sell.
The Easy Installer isn’t around for so long, relatively, and it does a guided manual install, the result shouldn’t differ.

I think there’s a good chance that there are simply more users who installed manually, resulting in more problem reports with this setup. Correlation is not always causation :wink: .

/e/ works totally fine for me, and I installed manually. No untimely switching off, no random reboots.
Out of curiosity I could recently confirm that /e/'s Mail App seems to have a known bug with saving mail attachments, but it opens attachments for me just fine, and I could of course install a different mail App if I really needed this, so for now I’ll just see whether it gets fixed somewhen.

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Dear /e/ Community,
thank you for your feedback!

I think the many advantages of /e/ outperform the need of some temporary workarounds.

Next weekend I hope to get some time to install /e/ :slight_smile: I highly appreciate the hints to change specific options!

Thank you from Germany!

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Sure you can. And you will probably also find the very most normally needed software for everyday use in F-Droid. The stock Mail app is not the summit of mobile mail app development at the moment. And perhaps you should also not insist in using the dark theme everywhere. Things are in development.

Rather not.

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Dear all,
I was successful to install /e/ on the FP3+. Actually, it was quite easy because the documentation was so good. Some things differ, some apps do not exist, but everything which is really important works! For the rest I will open other threads.

None of the initial threats because of the bug tracker became real:

  • In 1,5 days the phone never shut down
  • Battery was working as expected
  • No need to enable performance mode for normal operations
  • Only unknown: I was not able to test the phone while navigating…

Thank you for your help! I hope /e/ will be released for tablets as well so we all do no longer need fat computers…

It’s a bit of funny that /e/ FAQ considers /e/ a BETA while it does so many things better than G or A rofl.

Initial Question: Is the the FP3+ ready for daily use?
Answer: Yes from my point of view after 1,5 days.

This thread can be closed now. Solved for me.




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Don’t know what you mean. Mine runs typically for 14 days or so until I do a manual reboot (or not).

I haven’t run into any issues with dark mode yet. Only issues I’ve had is that the weather widget gets confused about my location when I move around a lot.

FP3+ ready for daily use?


Concerning the bug tracking etc.: The developement is transparent and open. You would be surprised if you could see the non-public bug trackers at commercial mobile phone manufacturers and realise how many “bugs” the devices come to market with.

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Yes, as written above, I fully agree. /e/ 0.17 runs stable on a FP3+ vs. the bug tracker. Maybe the language in my post was not clear enough but that is what I meant.

However, e runs perfectly fine on a FP3+ as said above. Also, I like some of the features on how to configure the HW buttons!

For me it is brilliant and I thank you very much for your efforts! My post was considered to be a compliment for the project! :slight_smile: In other words: thank you! :slight_smile: I do not criticize anything around the bug process. All I wanted to test was, if I can use the Fp3+ on a daily basis. And this is absolutely possible! Maybe I was misunderstood.

For me, this thread is closed as “solved”. Am I supposed to do this via the webui somehow?