[Solved] Problem with AppsStore

Hi, i’m new with /e/. I’ve already installed /e/ in my Motorola G Osprey and almost everything goes great. I really like it this system!
but, after the second day the app center (Apps) doesn’t work (neither the app of Radio3). All the other apps works fine.
When I try to open this apps said
“la aplicación ha dejado de funcionar” (the app doesn’t work)
“volver a abrir la aplcación” (open again)

no idea what’s happen… thanks for your help

Hi @pastinaken AppStore has some issues with Nougat builds. Please can you raise an issue here and attach a log with it to help debug the issue.

I’ve just installed e on my galaxy s6 - The original app " Mail " doesn’t work it’s close evrytime just when launched. So i’m using k9 mail that seems working but this problem don’t make me cool. Is there something i can do to fix it. Is the " BlueMail " app good for privacy ?

hey, sorry for the delay… with the actualization the probem was solved. Thanks!