[Solved] Sync Notes with Desktop


I already sync the /e/ calendar, contacts and mail with evolution on my desktop. It always took a while to find out the url’s to get it working. Now I want to sync the notes app but I do not find the right url:

For calendar I use:


For calendar I use:


What address should be used for notes (and tasks)?


For Notes, according to the developer wiki, you can use WebDAV (as files) or a client software.

Tasks can be synchronized using CalDAV.

Hey @smu44 thanks for the links! However I cannot find the links I have to enter to get notes/tasks working. So when I tried it with this

configuration it does not work. What address do I have to use?

I used https://ecloud.global/remote.php/webdav/Notes to get access to my test notes :

DAV Explorer is available at : DAV Explorer Download (Java, so it should run everywhere :wink: ).

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Thanks this is what I needed :+1:


did it!

BTW: Why can you not mark a message as solution?

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Simply edit the thread title to add [Solved] :slight_smile:
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e.g. the manjaro forum also uses discourse and there is the option to mark a specific answer as solution (Live Usb personalized Manjaro KDE 21.1 - Support - Manjaro Linux Forum)