[SOLVED] Which system updates should be installed

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When navigating to the /e/ OS update screen (see screenshot ) we can see several updates to that can be applied.

Most of the times I get a new update every 2 days.

My question is: should I install each update one by one or can I just install the latest one because it contains the previous ones?

If the latest one contains all the previous ones, why display the previous ones in the first place? :slight_smile:

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Hi @greg
I believe, by the screen you provided, that the file at the bottom list was already installed.
I always update and delete the file for storage cleaning purpose.
And I have also faced two files to download and install. I chose the latest and everything went well.
I’m not at the developers team so I cannot assure you wether I’m wrong or right. It’s just an information based on my experience.

Thanks facb69 :slight_smile:
I have noticed the same experience as you when installing the latest update.

Out of curiosity if anyone on the dev team can pitch in it would settle the matter :stuck_out_tongue:

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a curiosity: which phone do you have?

I second greg’s question to developers: do updates have to be performed in the order they arrive, or should only the latest update be considered?

I got a refurbished Samsung S7 and noticed I have now two updates ready to download: eel 0.7-2019082020896 (745 MB) and eel 0.7-2019081620422 (745 MB). Can’t help thinking that the latter contains a small correction to the former!

Thanks facb69 for the feedback.
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@VitTh I have a OnePlus 6 with /e/ Enchilada :grinning:

The latest update in the series should be good enough. No need to go through all the updates.
We are looking at removing display of all the previous builds to make it less confusing. Alternatively provide a message like ‘Previous builds available’


Ok, thank you for the reply!