Some questions about Shelter

Hi all,

Shelter is an app we can use to protect us from BigBrother apps.

My questions:

1- is there anything that is NOT working about Shelter (with /e/) ?
Are there any apps that don’t work properly in the “work” profile?

2- is it true that the apps that we install in the “work” profile that is
created by Shelter cannot at the present moment be updated?

3- does anybody know if anybody is working to try to fix point #2?

4- shouldn’t /e/ install Shelter by default, and explain in plain terms
to everybody why and how we should create a different “contacts” file
(with fewer contacts and with fewer details about those contacts)
that we can “feed” to some data-hungry apps that we might need
to use even if it would be better to avoid using them, like Whatsapp?
And while I’m at it: How can I export a file with my (active) Whatsapp
contacts and, even more important, my groups from Whatsapp?

5- would it make sense to install other apps with maps (car sharing,
bike sharing, public transport, ride hailing apps etc) and/or trackers
in the “work” profile created by Shelter, or would I be shooting myself
in the foot, giving access to data from these apps to the most pernicious
app of them all, the one I wanted to “isolate” in the first place, i.e. Whatsapp?
What is the best way to do it? Put everything that is safe in one profile
and everything which leaks in the other? Or isolate only the worst app(s)?

6- once we install (“copy”) an app in the “work” profile created by
Shelter, is it possible to uninstall the original copy of that app or not?




Hello, i’m new to shelter but i had this idea: I installed Apps in the work profile and install Apps from there, maybe updates work, don’t know yet.

So, this is for the last point in my list, -6 ?

Let me try.

1.There was a report about unworkability of the function of creating freezing shortcuts on the latest Bliss launcher.

Here more: FYI: Shelter and bliss launcher don't get along well

2-3.For Aurora store users:

  1. Update Aurora to the latest version and then activate the installation to the work profile from its settings.
  2. Clone Aurora to the work profile
  3. Now, Aurora from the main profile can update apps in the work profile and its clone from there can be updated itself. (theoretically)

Here more: [HOWTO] Using WhatsApp under shelter

  1. I’m not sure if Shelter still easy enough to be pre-installed. I guess, the Privacy Guard from LineageOS, basic internet-access blocking, and privacy-related improvements in the Android 10 would be enough for the average person.

  2. I think, all the functions that can be implemented with ethical and open-sourced apps should be performed this way without Shelter.
    Also, if the application with trackers can be used without the Internet — isolate it from the network in the main profile without Shelter. (I’m no expert, but I guess that should be enough.)
    Use Shelter only in the most desperate situations, when you really can’t do without some app that contains trackers and should have network access.

  3. Yes.

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If for no other reason I have to say I love this project cause you guys are teaching me about apps I had no idea existed. Playing around with Shelter now. Seems like a great idea! Now maybe I will install some apps on my ePhone that I want isolated and OFF most of the time.

  1. the issue regarding freezed apps shortcuts is related to Bliss launcher, and not to /e/ as a whole.
  2. there’s no issue with apps on the work profile (or shelter) getting updates.

Does it exist an easy way to keep applications from work profile updated if they don’t have a clone in the main profile?

Nice question :smiley: all the apps I am using in shelter (or work profile) have clones on the main profile, and both get updated simultaneously.

So I don’t have an experience with what you are asking about, although I can suggest trying to clone the Apps store itself to shelter and see if you can manage updates for the “Sheltered apps” separately.

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More likely, it was a rhetorical question, since updating sheltered apps, as well as the correct using of AFwall+ with the work profile are impossible without cloning apps in both profiles (as far as I know).

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Something I discovered about Shelter just last night. It was my assumption that if I’m using a VPN under my normal profile it’s also applicable to the Shelter profile. WRONG! You have run the VPN in each separate profile.


Really important thing! Put it in my android configuration checklist.

I wonder whether Shelter is actually doing what I hope it would do. So, I have put all apps that have too many trackers or that I fear might be “spying” on me in the Shelter. Probably the most pernicious one would be Facebook Messenger, for example. Anyhow, at first I would freeze all apps in there when not using Shelter(ed) apps, but that became too cumbersome. But I think the apps in Shelter are still keeping an “eye” on me and my activity within the Shelter at all times to extent and abilities they have. So, am I really accomplishing anything by using Shelter? I get that they are isolated from the apps in my main profile.


not sure I would approve of your proposed setting.

I tend to agree with the advice coming from harvey:

To sum it up: unless you’re ok with everything in your work/shelter profile being tracked till the cows come home…

  • either stop using apps that track you

  • or use them in a browser

Or, I would add, use a webapp “container” app, like the ones you can find for…




or services by Google

There is no necessity to always use an official client apps and containers for them. Often you can get a fine unofficial open-source client, which may be quite enough.

Like the 4 I linked to?

There may be better ones available, but the 4 I linked to seem to be without any trackers, which is a good start.

YouTube → Newpipe
Twitter → twidere
Facebook → FaceSlim

All available at f-droid



found tracking issues with NewPipe and FaceSlim, so I deleted both.

Twidere also no good : (

This tracker us an open source framework for crash reports. F-droid itself has this tracker :wink:

You can trust this tracker.