Some questions about Shelter

Classyshark shows only the’good’ tracker :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Is your link using a different version as mine?

Edit: yes, i’m using 3.7.6 and this version is without the trackers

That’s the bad thing on your exodus link. It uses the apk not from f-droid. In f-droid still my version without g-trackers is available.

And pls don’t confuse the users with such’ bad’ information. And pls allways inform yourself what the trackers are doing.

So… µ?ACRA is perfectly OK?

Excellent point.

So, the last tracker in my list is OK.

What about the other ones?

yepp, you can trust …

I don’t know these apps. If they are available in f-droid I would trust them. If they do have trackers, search the web for the tracker. You will find a explanation for 99% :smiley:

No, I got those two apps in Aurora. They are not in F-droid.

Just saying that making a list of the most common trackers with a brief explanation of what they are (adtech, social media, analytics etc), what they are likely to do and how dangerous they are could be useful.

That’s a good idea if you will make one :smiley:

Can we start from the most common ones? :slight_smile:

If you will have an app with these trackers, you should delete asap !!!

And by the way, I’m sorry, but all my ‘free’ resources I’m using form support here or in telegram groups. So there is no time left the make such a list or investigations. But you can do it :+1::+1::+1::wink::wink::wink:

I updated my Pixel 3 XL to Android 10 and I think Google has messed with networking under the Work profile. Haven’t thoroughly checked it out, but it was definitely disregarding my own settings and using it’s own. Will report back…

Thanks for letting us know. But i think we are far far away from Android 10. So til sometimes next year, ehen testing 10, we will have a looj on this

Is it possible to use Signal under Shelter? I tried it and it simply did not start (did sideload the apk from the signal website). I was not thinking about cloning Signal but having a separate Signal in Shelter if that’s possible.

Btw SkyTube has no tracker at all (if someone is searching for something like NewPipe).

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I have just installed Signal via Apps store inside shelter.
Signal is working without any issue.

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Thank you for the hint, that works indeed. It’s interesting though that sideloading the apk (from the Signal website) gives a “that app has no gui” message and does not start.

I have Shelter installed

  • Contacts in my main profile
  • Contact in the Shelter / WORK profile.

I am presently importing thousands of contacts in my /e/ Account. Everything was working well, until I noticed the contacts icon (with a lock), within the Shelter/work profile, has the same thousands of contact… (and whatsapp and other apps are in the work profile…)

What is the right way to have contacts in the Work Profile, not the same and/or sync with my /e/ account ?

OK I think it’s because, as I’m new to Shelter, I cloned CONTACT using Shelter clone feature, to the work profile… And that Contacts config sync with my /e/ account… So the thousands of contacts are being accessible to the CLONE of CONTACTS in my Work profile… I can’t find a way to remove CONTACTS from the SHELTER TAB… SO I suppose it can be access by other Apps within the Work profile… I delete the shortcut from the screen, but, CONTACTS still show in Shelter TAB… I could use open contact in the Work Profile ? WOuld be a safe way to do thing…

Sorry, but thus OpenContacts thing is absolute not needed if you are know how shelter works and have read the howto about whatsapp in shelter.

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I cloned the contact APP using Shelter.

Now I have one contact App in the main profile and one contact App in Work Profile

  • problem : contacts synchronised in both profile with my /e/ account.

HOw can I d elete the one in the Shelter, I can’t find how… (I didn’t expect it would also sync with my e account

The shelter contacts aren’t synced with your ecloud. For deleting all contacts go in.main profile to ‘Settings’ / ‘Apps’ and open the contact app with the lock

Here you can wipe app storage and all is gone

Tks a lot

  1. will it delete the app only ? Or my contacts I imported in my e account (that I want to keep) ?

2)/when we choose to clone an app using the shelter app, those apps can’t be uninstalled from the shelter tab. Altough if we install an app from a store that was in the shelter, those apps in the shelter tab "can be uninstall. Uninstall shows up

Is there a way to uninstall an app we cloned (into the shelter)/and that we don’t want anymore ???