Some questions about Shelter

To 1: no, it will wipe the app data, not the app itself.

To 2: if you push an app in shelter an menu is opened. In this menu you can select uninstall.

This is not available for system apps.

TKs you so much… That part I get it

IN THE MAIN TAB, If I used " CLONED TO WORK PROFILE" with contacts ?

Does it mean Work profile will always have access to contacts of the main profile and as the CONTACT app is a system app, I can’t undo that ? ( as uninstall is not available)

As I Was new to shelter, I though it was a quick way to " install " an app that was in the MAIN Profile, into the WORK profile, but now I think I simply did what we don’t want, give access to alll my contacts to the WORK Profile apps ( Whatsapp, etc)

I Should have RTFM before using the CLONE menu… If you confirm what I say, thenb I will have to reinstall, as my contact will always be accessible from the WORK Profile, that I don’t want…

TKs this was very usefull…

THOUGH, some contact left in the SHELTER CONTACT, are still there, and when I try to delet the few left, the message is " Contact from your read-only accounts cannot be deleted, but they can be hidden".

Do you have any idea why it is like that ?

OK I found…

it’s because they are linked to " TELEGRAM"

I understand now… Probably some are linked to Whatsapp too… Will dig, but I understood something new.

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Hello, since this is about shelter related questions I´d like to add another one: I am using it on my Fairphone 3+, but somehow only my apps in shelter are connected to wifi or all the regular ones outside shelter. In order to “switch” between them I have to turn off wifi connection on my phone first and turn it on again. Is that normal? I hope not and if so, does anybody have an idea what I missed or how that can be fixed? Many thanks in advance

That’s really NOT normal. Wifi should work on all profiles.
What about mobile data? The same issue?

Thanks for your quick reply, good to know. Actually, I have not yet put a Sim-Card into the phone. As soon as I do, I´ll let you know about the mobile data. Best regards

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After inserting the SIM, somehow the problem immediately disappeared.

But already got another question: Would you recommend unsing the browser (in my case duckduckgo) within or outside shelter? I´m controlling the browser with TrackerControl but allowing some trackers to make it function properly. Si maybe within Shelter would be the better option? Thanks!

Well, actually the problem appeared again, after turning off flight mode today. Via Wifi neither shelter-apps nor the regular ones would access the internet. Via mobile data only the regular ones would. I had to turn off and on the “work profile” icon on the top bar. Either this or turning of and on the wifi icon solves

A question I have about using Shelter is how to remove apps on Work profile. I don’t know how to make it from inside Shelter, and even when deinstalled Shelter, those Work profile apps remain there (and Shelter app is now showed in Work profile)


Settings > Accounts > Delete Work profile

This way all remaining apps are deleted, although unremovable default-android-icons remain on Bliss launcher