Sony XA2 (H4113) - Call history + SMS templates


I am running /e/ 0.7-o-2019101026628-dev-pioneer (clearly, not the latest :slight_smile: ) and I have a couple of questions:

  • is the call history always displayed? I am asking this since sometimes I can see the call history (same day + previous days) and sometimes the list is empty, and I cannot figure out why

  • is there the possibility to write and store templates for the SMS in the current standard /e/ SMS application (I am not planning to change the SMS app)? I could not find it…

Thank you in advance


I am rewriting about this topic to know if anybody has some answers / tips.
Regarding the call history, I am just wondering if there are some permissions needed (that I might have overlooked), or if a more recent version of /e/ has fixed it.
But the question regarding the SMS templates is still open as well :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance to anybody who could give me some help

I think I don’t understand the issue you have with the call history. Do you mean that when you open the “Phone” app, and the go to the history tab (clock icon), you sometimes see an empty screen? I have never seen this behavior myself.


Thank you for replaying.

Yes, you are right, the list is empty and there is a message “your call history is empty”.
To be honest, I do not look at the call history very often, but last time I checked, there was the list of calls … therefore it seems that most of the times the list is empty … and I am wondering if there is some settings to adjust .

Hello everyone,

I come back to this topic to understand if I am the only one having this issue (I have not moved to the latest releases of eOS yet, still on 0.7-o-2019101026628-dev-pioneer): call history empty (even just after a missed call, nothing appear on the phone, so I do not know who I should call back if no message was left).
I do not check the call historyall the time, but I can say that half of the times I do it, it looks empty.
Once, I did a test: after seeing the call history empty, I switched off the phone and rebooted. Then, the call history was there. Therefore the information is not erased, but kind of “hidden”, but it is unclear to me why such a behaviour.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Some feedback after trials…
It seems that the issue is coming from Privacy Guard. If it is OFF, every time I switch the phone on, the call history (and the contacts. I did not mention above, but when I experienced the problem with the call history, also it was not possible to see the contacts, since they were not displayed, only a turning wheel going on and on) was there. After a couple of weeks of tests, it is consistently the case, so my conclusion is that Privacy Guard was guilty.
Before switching it off for all the apps, I had tried to selectively switching it off for some apps or some tasks, but I was not able to find the right set up, since the phone behaved in the same way as before (sometimes I could get the call history, without a clue why it was random).

Now, the question: I thought Privacy Guard was a good idea (even though I recall reading some posts where some issues with Privacy Guard). Is it OK to keep it off? Or how to switch it on without affecting the normal working of the phone?

Thank you in advance