Sony XA2 installation

why is it ‘good’ to have Android 8 installed before starting to install /e/?
I bought a XA2 (secondhand) with Android 9 installed, and somehow (the precise order of steps i did not document) that got removed before i could get /e/ installed.

I assume it still is possible to get /e/ installed, but to know why some preconditions are prefered would be nice.


Hi @Steckelfisch, welcome to the e forum. The late response is due to your question being posted in the wrong place really. I was waiting to see if admin would move it somehow, but as your post is technically a “reply” it might not be so easy!

Anyway, I will reply to your question but I will probably remove it after a few days, or when I know you have seen it, just to keep this space free from off topic stuff.

Don’t know the tech answer, but it’s generally advised against downgrading OS versions. At the moment the ‘dev’ version of e is oreo android 8 and as you say, you have pie android 9 on your device.

So you would be better to try installing, for example, the pie test build which works very well. This of course is assuming you have not in the interim installed android 10 based rom on your phone. If you have, it would be better to wait for the q android 10 release for this device which will be arriving next week with a bit of luck.

I have tried to get /e/ installed, gradually jumping to earlier versions. No luck regretably. The best version did not pass the /e/ logo at startup. I did manage to get LineageOS installed (17.0) and even upgrade later on to 17.1. I’m gooing to read more on installing roms, and when I’m comfrtable with me ‘knowing what i’m doing’ I will give /e/ another shot.

Thanx for the reply by the way

What would be nice is a way to boot without logo, and see some console messages. Is that possible to configure when installing the rom?

No it isn’t.
Lineage 17 being equivalent to android Q, you would be better waiting for eOS Q release for this device.

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