Sony Xperia Z5 Sumire Custom recovery problem


I recently purchased a new-old-stock Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (E6853) and have tried to install /e/ for Sumire.

The problem I’m having isn’t so much with Sumire as it is getting a custom recovery that will work on my phone. I’m given to understand that there was never an official TWRP for the Z5 as it doesn’t seem like it was that popular. The one linked in the Sumire documentation page ( F2FS_TWRP.img. I can’t get to work on my phone for neither love nor money. I poked around other sites and found one recovery that would run on my phone but it was built for lineage-17.1-20201125-UNOFFICIAL-satsuki and totally choked on the Sumire ROM, said it was for satsuki.

Was I flashing the F2FS_TWRP.img wrong with fastboot flash recovery F2FS_TWRP.img? Or does anyone know of a recovery that will work for Sumire?

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What about this one…

Thanks for the link! I’ll have to look into learning how to compile these at some point. Shameful someone my age isn’t already proficient at this.

It looks like my fail may have been at a more fundamental level here. Had I done more than a modicum of research before buying, I would have noticed that my phone, the E6853 is actually a Satsuki and not a Sumire so I imagine this /e/ package will never install on this device.