Sony XZ2 Compact

Good mornig,

I’m new registered in the /e/ community.
I have to ask wich will be the next supported devices. I have a sony Xperia XZ2 Compact and I hope will be support soon. There’s a news about it?

There’s a date to activation abou “mail us your phone”? will be activer for any device or only device supported?

Thank You all

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The next supported devices are most likely some from the LineageOS current device list. But in your case, I advise not to wait and flash something else, adding MicroG , Aurora Store and custom DNS to get rid of Goolag.

Don’t wait for the « mail your device service », it could not come until a while.

You’d better choose a device on the list

Liste des appareils officiellement supportés par les développeurs de /e/OS ( avec mises à jour fréquentes )

Liste des appareils supportés grâce à la communauté des utilisateurs de /e/OS

Liste des appareils supportés par LineageOS ( pouvants relativement aisément être porté vers /e/ )

The Mail us your phone program may not be active any time soon. The reason is we realized during the testing that with our limited resources we would not be able to sustain the business model.
We are releasing an easy installer most probably later today. In its current form it supports Linux OS and a few Samsung devices. We will be releasing the source code for developers on the community to add and expand the range of devices supported for /e/OS installation. That would make it easier for users to flash the OS especially on supported devices.