Sprint 1 Updates

Recently the development team decided to introduce some agility into the development process.
With that in mind two-week sprints have been started – the first sprint though was for one week.

Sprint 1 just closed. We thought it would be good to share the details of what transpired with the users.

Sprint 1: Sep 20, 2019–Sep 27, 2019

8 issues fixed:

5 issues closed because non-reproducible:

From what we defined at the beginning, only 2 issues remain:

  • No invitation sent to attendees calendar : we finally discovered today what is the cause of the issue. We will need more time to fix it. Hopefully for the next Sprint :wink:
  • Email (google) account fails to sync (mail) : not fixed, but if the Google account is added from AccountManager, it works perfectly. Report the fix to the next Sprint

The bugs which got fixed will be tested by a team of volunteers testers from the users .

If you remember sometime back we had shared details of a plan to create a testing team of users who would get a build with these fixes to test out. We have got some users who volunteered to help with the testing. At present we are keeping the numbers small and will increase as we firm up the process.

If the test team clears the build then that build will be released to the wider user group as part of the dev builds.

If the test team does not clear the build then it is back to the developers.

We should be sharing the test build with our testing team by today EOD – 2 Oct 2019.

We are working on a plan to integrate enhancements and bug fixes in these sprints.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Update for Sprint 1 Testing:
All defects identified as part of Sprint 1 have been tested and closed.
My Sincere thanks to all the members of the testing team and developers who were a part of this.
The fixes have been checked in to the Master branch and should be available as part of the next dev build in 1- 2 days.

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Also from me a big thank you to all members of the test team and the developers who were involved. :+1: