Sprint 2 Updates

Hello all,
Continuing the thread from where we left of the last time sharing the details of Sprint 2.
Sprint 2 timeline for dev team was from : Oct 2, 2019–Oct 15, 2019
Post that the testing team got a week to test the build : 15 Oct to 22 Oct
Thanks to the testing team and developers we have been able to complete Sprint 2 successfully.

Total issues taken up: 13
Issues resolved : 10
Issues still open or reopened : 3 - these will be moved to subsequent sprints.

Issues resolved:
Icons Disappearing when moved around
Launcher swipe from left to right jumps a screen
Screen without icons does not auto delete
OpenCamera to default to enable on all phones
Save images in gallery with Message
Xiaomi Mi 8 - dipper
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro - violet
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 - a5xelte
Keep the /e/ browser up to date with Bromite releases
Some /e/ services still using DNS

Issues still open and moved to next sprints:
After the device was crypted: twpr didn’t accept password in recovery mode or factory reset
Icon and Group don’t stop giggling.
Echo in calls with speaker

Once again I would like to thank our testing team volunteers who took out time to test and validate the fixes.
Thanks to the developers for sticking to the development fix timelines.

Moving ahead we will be naming our sprints after city names :smile: Why? Well why not :slight_smile: Next sprint is ‘Alexandria’ and timeline is from Oct 16, 2019–Oct 29, 2019

Stay tuned!


Does this correspond to the 8th November system update ?

Any feedback about it yet ?

According to this page :

the Sprint 2 is over for weeks and has been deployed so no this doesn’t correspond to the 8th November update.

It was more likely the Alexandria update. But I don’t know if each update is necessarily a “sprint” update. Maybe it was just… an update :slight_smile:

Is there a way to know what a specific OTA update includes in term of bug/issue/improvement ?
In fact, each update is about 1GB and take times to install and it is not easy to relate a specific OTA to a milestone from https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/milestones
any tips ?

You can check the change logs for a OTA.
For e.g. for the PH1 (mata) you can find the builds here
The screen also shows the change logs.
any text in the changelog starting with ‘e/os/…’ is a change from the /e/OS side
any text in the changelog starting with ‘- LineageOS…’ is a change from the lineage team
We will work to make the changelogs more elaborate

Would be nice because I don’t understand what is supposed to be updated at each update.

The 20191212 update fixed the Download manager, but no readable mention of this in the changelogs. And this issue was taged with the milestone Delhi, but I don’t think it was the whole Delhi update.
And does the Cordoba sprint has been released ?
We can’t really know.

All right so after little analysis, a sprint seems to be announced in a changelogs by this :

So looks like Cordoba isn’t out.

Cordoba was merged yesterday I think

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