Stopping sync to /e/ cloud of music

How do I turn off sync of my music from my /e/ OS phone to my /e/ cloud? I only want the music files on my phone and not filling up my cloud storage. I looked on accounts on phone settings and it looks like there is a sync selection for everything except music?

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See my answers in this thread.

but is this a solution if the user wants photos+videos synced, but not the music? it’s not clear from the question to me. The sync options don’t have a slider that would make a difference between the two. Or am I mistaken?

You’d need to move the music to non-standard location for them to be ignored and set the base-folder of your listening app to the custom folder.

I agree, this does not seem like a solution. I want my pics and videos sync’d to the cloud but not music. I also should not have to monkey with changing folders around. It seems that there should be a more direct way to stop the sync of music.

Seriously, nobody wants to synchronize some ten GB of music. (For what??? And in the very most cases the required online space is much too small, so it wouldn’t even be successful.)

But it seems to be true, they bundled it (without any reason) with pictures and videos.

You could open a case for this here.

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This looks like it was submitted already. Item #5632

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service click Add granularity to file sync options (pictures, videos, music, etc...) (#5632) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

you could disable the eDrive sync and use the nextcloud client until this gets implemented.

I’m not sure renaming Music folder would help. The Code also checks the DIRECTORY_MUSIC var. So you’d need to rename, but not declare it the music library globally, just within your music players app I guess

  new SyncedFolder(categories.get(i),
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