Can I control what backs up/syncs to Murena account

With FP4 I set up a Murena account. It immediately overflowed because it immediately synced all my music files.

(I wasn’t expecting that. Maybe I’m not used to how such accounts work, I don’t recall how I gave permission for that to happen…)

I have backup turned off, but automatically sync app data on.

So my questions:

  1. Can I control what it does and doesn’t sync? I had expected that I would choose what got backed up, and was expecting to use it to sync calendar, contacts - not music.

  2. If I can’t control what it does and doesn’t sync, is there a list of folders that it is automatically syncing? Maybe I can just keep my files out of those folders?

Thank you.

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Yes, nobody expects that crap functionality. And there’s also no question to the user if he really wants that.

(Who needs his music to be synchronized??? And why??? - I have about 30GB of music on my FP3, synchronizing this all is not at all possible, but for sure it will start and then send me dumb notifications …)

Go into your Settings, Accounts section, there you find your e.ecloud account. There you can configure what you want to have synchronized and what not. Switch this all off.

(I should setup a script which gives this answer somehow automated …)

Thank you. See screenshots. There doesn’t seem to be any granular configuration there, it’s either all on or all off. And if all off, it says you will have to sync manually. Which would be tedious for Calendar and Contacts!

Tap on your Murena account. There you get a more detailed list of options.

Thank you! I missed that! :confused:

Presumably ‘Picures and Videos’ includes music, since online it just says ‘Files’. Will experiment further, but marking as solved.

Now after one year with a Fairphone 3 and e/os I am still missing this very option.
Unlike described in the following post:

There is no such option /checkbox for me.
I missed this already in the beginning in April 2021.
I even reflashed my phone in June but I was still missing it. Idk why I left it this way, because I hate when my files get sync without my knowledge.
I saw this by accident last year and gave up after some days.
Now with version 1.0 I have a never-ending notification that rings every 30 minutes and isn’t removable.

You could try to delete this account. This should give you time to cleanup your cloud space using the web interface. Then you could recreate the account on the device, hopefully now with configurable data options.

Did you find a solution ? I have the same problem (no options, no checkbox) and it annoys the heck out of me.


If you have turned autosync off, as shown in red on screenshot (1) (which you may have done because you don’t want it to sync), then as shown in screenshot (2) you won’t have any toggle options.

(Screenshot (2) corresponds to @Thunfischsalat screenshot in German on June 9th above).

But if you turn autosync back on, as shown in red on screenshot (3), then you will also get the toggle options back as shown in screenshot (4), so you can make granular adjustments. This is what you want, I think.

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Thanks! It worked fine.
Can’t believe it was that easy…

Yes, but you can’t switch off Music synchronization independent from Pictures and Videos, as currently wanted in the other thread. That’s idiotic.

I agree. I had originally expected to be able to choose which folders to back up. It seems to me also that “Pictures and Videos” is actively misleading as it seems to refer to home folders more generally.

I have used Tasker in conjunction with SMSBackup+ to successfully automate backing up text messages to the Murena account. So I suspect there is a hack there there that you could use Tasker to automate syncing the folders you want to sync. Though I haven’t tried.