Stuck at system updates

The progress bar is stuck at 46%, next to a “RESUME” button. Tapping it yields “This update can’t be installed on top of the current build.”

What now?

Further info: The screen says “/e/OS 1.1-20220627199797”.

Looking ino the device settings, I see “Build number e_GS290-userdebug 10 QQ3A. 200805.001 eng.root.20220627.160632 dev-keys,stable-release”

All info modulo typos.

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The update is probably the same as what is already installed, since both are from 20220627. I would just restart the device and hope this resets the updater to not display this anymore. Then just wait for the next update. Only if this one is then offered to you again, there is probably really something wrong.

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Hi, thanks for the reply!

Restarting did not help, symptom is as before.

I recall that I’ve initiated an update recently, and that the device got restarted. But I got distracted and did not verify what happened after restarting. I just assumed that everything went well. What if the part of the update failed (and still fails) that should happen after starting the new version? How can I verify that worked?

I’d rather not leave it in that rumpled state…

Anything I can try to solve this now? I’ll be on a lengthy trip in a couple of days and I don’t want to be surprised by the after-effects of a botched upgrade, with no alternative computer near me…

Where could I ask for further support?

Well we see that this is a #gs290 and from a stable-release.

If it was a purchased phone then would be the first post of call.

Yes! Helpdesk was so friendly to provide me with the following instructions:

Could you please try clearing the cache of the Updater app.
as it is a system apps:

settings> apps&notifications> see all xxx apps> 3 dots on top right> show system> Updater > storage & cache> clear storage> OK

Now the updater does not seem to be stuck anymore.

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