Stuck in easiy installation process with OnePlus Pro 8

Hi there,
I have bought a the OnePlus Pro 8 since I would like to use /e/OS and a stable version seems to be available for the device and installation should be possible with the Easy Installer.

After following all prior steps, I get stuck rather early in the installation process:
The EasyInstaller states: ‘Rebooting in bootloader mode’.
Then, my device shows a black screen with a few options.

  1. Start
  2. Restart bootloader
  3. Recovery Mode
  4. Show barcode
  5. Power off

On the screen I see:
FastBoot Mode [red]
PRODUCT_NAME - [some name]
BOOTLOADER VERSION - [nothing written here]
BASEBAND VERSION - [nothing written here]
SERIAL NUMBER - [some serial number]

I don’t know how to proceed. When I click on start, the device boots normally. However, my laptop now displays two partitions of the phone. The Easy Installation guide does not provide more guidelines but continues to show a fully loaded: ‘Rebooting in bootloader mode’. I cannot click continue or anything.

Maybe someone can help me out here.

All the best

Hi @sim and welcome aboard,

I’m not familiar with your device (and the easy installer), but I am guessing that your hassle depends on the locked device state →

The adb installation procedure for installing /e/ OS on your device is here, where you can find an explanation how to unlock (section “Unlocking the bootloader”) →

Hope this helps…

Hi @El-Barto,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply! I have just found an answer. The solution described here ([HOWTO] Fairphone 3/3+ stuck in fastboot/bootloader mode with the Easy Installer on Windows) helped. After the installation of the driver, I could continue the installation.

All the best

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That sounds good, have fun with your new /e/ OS device. :slight_smile:

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