Stuck on Bootscreen on Redmi Note 5 Whyred


I flashed e/os ( via TWRP on my Redmi Note 5 to give e/os a try. However whenever I start the device I’m stuck on the “e” bootscreen and can’t get past this. Would anybody know what I maybe doing wrong?


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Pls FORMAT data with TWRO before flashing eOS. Wipe is not enough.

Than it should work

This is what I’m doing:

  1. Going to Wipe/Advanced Wipe and checking Dalvik / ART Cache; Cache; Data, System - Swipe to Wipe
  2. Going to Wipe/Format Data - Typing Yes - Swipe to Wipe
  3. Going to Install and selecting ROM - Swipe to confirm Flash
  4. Reboot system

Unfortunately with above steps I got nowhere. Thought I was doing something wrong so tried flashing another ROM, which flashed perfectly.

But that’s the way it should work.
The best way to install eOS is going first to stock rom. upgrade it til you are on same version as your eOS version is and than use the above steps and eOS should boot.

Will see if I can find the last version of MIUI built on Oreo and go back to stock tomorrow before going back to eOS.

have a look here

and use pie from here [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] A Pi/e/ test ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro "whyred"

So I’ve managed to flash back to MIUI However I’m now having trouble installing TWRP again - Everytime I try I get an error along the line of Anti-rollback check failed.

I’ve had a look online and I can’t find somewhere which has a successful answer into how to get past this.

Yes, I know that and I’m getting always shown the command for disabeling this protection. Run it and straight behind flash twrp.

I’m not on my pc but when I’m back I can give you the command

Thank you appreciate the help you have offered.

You have found the command?

No - I haven’t. Just saying thanks in advance of you giving it to me once you return home and are on your PC.

OK. use this command

fastboot oem ignore_anti

and than

fastboot flash recovery twrpXYZ.img


I didn’t manage to get TWRP installed, but have got OrangeFox installed along with the latest build of e/os for Whyred as noted above.

Early impressions of the ROM are unfortunately quite negative. The build I’m using seems very unstable its crashed multiple times and the device has rebooted.

During the initial setup I had problems setting up the fingerprint reader, when it would ask for a PIN, the device would just freeze and I had to reboot. Finally as I write this post the screen on the device has gone blank and it has rebooted by itself.

To be sure that this weren’t a “faulty” I reflashed the ROM and have had a similar experience.

I can’t believe that this is what every other user is experiencing, so am wondering if other people have had similar issues with this build or if anyone can suggest a more stable build of e/os?


Ok, it’s late. I can give you tommorow some notes.

First, I would try this rom

I think I may hold off looking at some of the later comments on that thread.

Can you suggest a device that’s a maximum of 300 euros that has a stable version of e/os? I don’t mine if its an Oreo or Pie build. Would prefer a Xiaomi device as I conformable with their bootloader unlock /lock process, but am happy to try another manufacturer that allows the user to lock their bootloader, so I can sell the device on once I’m done with it.

mhm, I would try first flashing the pie version.

I love xiaomi devices also. I nice one is the Mi5s plus. It’s cheep (I have paid 100 bugs for it) and hast good components.

Otherwise, you can buy a e-Phone :wink:

I think I’m going see if I can get a Xiaomi Mi 8 for about £180 refurbished. Seems to be well supported and therefore I am hoping it will give me a decent experience of e/os to see if it is a viable alternative

good choice :+1: