SUCCESS with Easy Installer on S9+ via MacBookPro

Hi All…

I just wanted to briefly share my experience so it may help or encourage others in search for mobile phone privacy :slight_smile:

After using Apple products for over 25 years, I finally reached a point where I said NO MORE. I want more privacy! Hence I started researching for quality hardware and private software that would work together, and I settled on a new Samsung S9+ and eOS :slight_smile:

While I can bash / hack away a little with terminal etc, I chose the easier path and went with the Easy Installer. The trick for me was I DONT have a WIN or Linux PC, just my MacBook Pro. So I decided to download Ubuntu, install it on a USB, and boot from there, and run Easy Installer. After several failed attempts and not knowing why, but not giving up, I hit on a combination that worked :slight_smile:

My Successful Combination:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) + Android 8.1 / Oreo
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017 / 14,3) + macOS 11.1 / Big Sur
  • Ubuntu 20.1 (NOTE Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Linux Mint Failed)
  • Easy Installer installed eOS 0.13 (and auto updated the next day to 0.14

I then ran Easy Installer, it worked perfectly, and I have been on eOS for the past week. I installed the apps I use from eOS App store, AND then discovered the app for Aurora Store. What’s cool is that I got ALL my apps I used to use with Apple iOS, including banking apps, crypto apps, trading apps, everything :slight_smile: What was also good about Aurora Store was that you can select an option to NOT need a login account, but to use their “anonymous account” so all the apps you need, with still basically no tracking :slight_smile:

I must say I am VERY impressed with the combo S9+ with eOS and these two app stores. I can honestly say I have left Apple / iOS for good and feel I am not missing anything but have gained a lot of privacy :slight_smile:

Happy to answer questions you may have…

THANK YOU to the eOS team. What an amazing job they have done. I am now also helping family move off iOS and over to eOS.

Next challenge with be to replace my MacBook Pro. Apple do make sexy hardware, but its time to say goodbye to Apple :slight_smile:



Hi @ITVAULT and congratulations

Ten years ago i have set up a dual boot on my regreated iBookG4, and installed a debian distribution. I was very happy it was possible, but sadly, the device didn’t have enough ressources to run firefox.
I hope it will be possible for you…

Thanks @piero :slight_smile:

I have installed Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc over the years on different Macs always with little success. It was always the same problems of not enough working drivers for wifi, trackpad, sound etc. However as my MBP is now 4 years old (2017), when I installed the latest Ubuntu (as stated above) it actually worked rather well. I may give it a serious go and install to the internal SSD and see how I go getting all the drivers installed :slight_smile:

Nice, did you manage to install the android 10 version with the easy installer?

I don’t think the stable builds are yet released, and the easy installer point to stable builds.
You may have to wait a couple of weeks

Hi @Privacyman No, it all seems to be a bit more complicated. Easy Installer will ONLY install the eOS code (de-googled eOS) on top of WHATEVER version of Android you already have running. I had Android 8.1, so still do. As I understand it, I need to start again, wipe my A8/eOS OFF the S9+ and install normal Android 10, THEN again update to eOS Q, the Android 10 version of eOS to sit on top of Android 10.


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Thank you for your answer but can someone please confirm that with my S9 running android 10, I’ll have no problem with the easy installer and that the installed version will be /e/os android 10?

Hi @Privacyman. I would say 99% likely NO at this point. I read that the Easy Installer can be weeks behind the initial release of a new eOS like Q. I am not sure how we find out when its updated, but there are a few sections of the forum I keep an eye on for such announcements, such as:

Hope this helps…

Oh my God! “I would say 99% likely …” You and I have also talked about this …

Status precisely proven by me here (S9) and here (S9+) as of 01/25/2021 as well as today and now:
The /e/asy installer 100% cannot update a Galaxy S9 / S9+ with /e/OS e-0.13-o-202012* aka Oreo-8.1 to /e/OS 'Q' aka Android 10.
If you don’t believe it, ask an /e/ official like /e/ communications leader.