Successful in porting /e/ OS to Mi A3. What Now?

Today, i built my first custom rom on my PC. And it was a Success!
I have ported /e/ to Xiaomi Mi A3. I am also new to this process. I wanna ask:

  1. What now?
  2. How do i get this rom to as many people as possible?

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Congratulation :clap:

I would love to try your unofficial /e/OS and give feedback.

My tip: Post it in [ UNOFFICIAL BUILD ]

and offer it for download,

for example via /e/ Murena Cloud (get 1GB free) :on: Start using Murena Cloud now is a good place to make your Custom ROM available. No charge, amd users csn download without having to create an account.

ecloud / murenacloud will work, but you will soon use up your storage allowance.

To publicise your ROM more widely, consider creating a thread in the relevant forum on XDA forums