Successfully imaged the Nexus 5X, but during each power off/power on I get "your device software can't be checked for corruption. please lock the bootloader"

I had to follow these instructions: Nexus 5X bullhead: vendor image mismatch as the device was shipped with Nougat.

But I did get /e/ installed and booted up fine.

However, every time I power off the device and power it on, I get the screen that says “your device software can’t be checked for corruption. please lock the bootloader.”

If I attempt to lock the bootloader, I then get the options to lock the bootloader but a factory reset will occur, or I can restart the system without locking the bootloader.

Can you recommend a method of getting rid of this message?

Hi @novacane if you ignore the message what happens on your device? I get a similar message when ever I flash /e/ or any custom ROM after unlocking the bootloader or reboot the device. I wait for a few seconds and the setup continues on the device. That is a message that shows up because your bootloader is unlocked. This will show up even if you are running stock and have the bootloader unlocked. Not sure if this message can be disabled.

Thank you, @Manoj, the device boots fine after that. I was just concerned because when I was using the Nexus 4, I never saw this.

But it’s no problem to ignore.

Thank you.

Same behavior for Sony XA2, so it should be quite the same for all models…

Hi @novacane I think this message / warning will come up when ever you unlock your bootloader on any device. Irrespective of stock or custom ROM the message shows up if the bootloader is unlocked. When you were using the Nexus 4 which ROM were you on and was the bootloader unlocked?

I’m not sure anymore, but at this point it is a non-issue. Thank you for your time, everyone!

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