Sudden high data usage with /e/drive

Hey i have a Problem that for a week the /e/Drive APP uses TONS oft data to synchronise something.
I didn’t change the configuration, it just started in de middle of the day when I wasn’t using my phone.

I thought it maybe is a bug where it tries to download the same file again and again?

But now I also found my whole camera roll and data from my old /e/ phone in the folder. (Cache)
The files don’t show up in my gallery. So is it supposed to get saved here?

But even if its downloading valid data its way more than I even have on my cloud.

I dont know what to do its using hundreds of gigabytes and I can’t have it running when I’m on the go.
I turned cellular usage off for the moment but that’s not ideal. (On WiFi it still keeps on downloading nonstop)


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