Suggestion of /e/atv multimedia box device like bpi/rpi

Hello, I’d like to suggest an official /e/atv
currently LOS has a bpi M5 as official device

Found this here in forum from smu having a /e/ box on bpi m5 hardware with privacy background [ALIEN BUILD] /e/OS for Banana Pi M5

KonstaKang has his alternative with rpi 3 & 4 from basis LOS 16-20 or aosp

At the time were the multimedia box are used really increasingly,
I’ll find really great if we may have and use an /e/atv with privacy background, and bound to the murena cloud for display photos and make other activities.
Maybe having a product like a murena box… with opensource hardware would be great (all opensource or near of it) …

What do you think about having a supported murena /e/ box ?

Cheers all

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I guess that such device with it functionality may i have a big user interest and gather more people in community.
If it may bring some more donation then it could be an hype for /e/team…
for me it would be a better alternative than appletv or chromecast & fire-tv. thus more with privacy.