Suggestions for Pixel 7 Camera App

Can anyone with a Pixel 7 recommend a camera app or does the /e/ OS stock camera app take good pictures? Is there a way to utilize the full use of the Pixel 7 camera in /e/ OS?

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Lots of people like the stock app. If you end up hating it, you can always get the Pixel camera app again from here.

This version of the Pixel camera takes significantly better photos on my Zenfone 8 than the stock /e/ app ever did. Might even be better than the one from ASUS. Keep in mind, it is still a Google made product though, even if this version is edited somewhat.

Are those G Cam ported apps privacy friendly? Are there any google call backs in those apps?

The Google camera app isn’t really open-source so there’s no way to be sure. /e/ OS doesn’t notice any trackers coming from the app, but I’ve got no idea how well it does with first-party trackers. I just wish there was an easy way (without rooting) to block an app from accessing the internet. Things like a camera shouldn’t ever need that.

The page for that version of the app does say it needs GApps or something like microG, so there’s at least something that tries to interface with other Google services.

If a camera app is the only holdout keeping you from switching to /e/, you would still be better off having just the one app calling home to Google, rather than the entirety of Android. From there, you can test other options or donate to projects that you think are promising.

Oh nothing is keeping me from using /e/ OS. I’ve used /e/ OS T 1.17 on my OnePlus 7T before I cracked the screen yesterday. I had some issues on my 7T that didn’t work well at all when I went from /e/ OS R to /e/ OS S and T but those were fixed in 1.17 T. I’m hoping pictures look better on the Pixel 7 than they did on my 7T using /e/ OS stock so I don’t have to use a g cam app. I did have Lineage OS 20 for a bit and its new camera app “Aperture” is pretty good. I would like to see /e/ OS adopt the “Aperture” camera app.

It would at least be nice to see Aperture in the app lounge. Maybe that’s an issue with Lineage OS not publishing it elsewhere, but I would like to try it out. I’m sure I could find a .apk somewhere if I really tried.

I can’t remember the name of it but there is an app in F-Droid that will create an apk file from an installed app. It would be interesting to see if one could install Lineage OS 20 and create an apk file from the Aperture camera app using that app from F-Droid.

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