Suggestions/Workarounds for screen cast / mirror from /e/ device?

While researching ways to cast or mirror my /e/ device (FP3+) screen to a TV, I stumbled upon this open bug.
So it seems I won’t be able to use the “cast” feature for the time being.

Are there alternatives? USB? Reasonably cheap HDMI adapter? Custom (OpenSource) App?

As potential receivers I have

  1. A Raspberry Pi 3 with LibreElec connected to wired LAN
  2. A Playstation 4
  3. A old “smart” TV which is firewalled from the network and internet, because there aren’t any security patches since 2016 or so

I have no suggestion or workaround. This jus the answers my question I posted yesterday ( Cast screen to device )

See my answer in @tyxo’s thread …

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Install Kore (from F-Droid) on your FP3+ then you will be able to use it to cast to LibreElec.

This is the direct link to the other thread

How? I set up Kore, I can use it as remote, but I don’t see any option to cast my screen.

It doesn’t have the full casting functionality you might be hoping for, but various apps will allow you to cast pictures & videos. For example, open a picture in the Gallery app and choose the Share option. You will see on option to share via Kodi (LibreElec.) Browsers offer the same sort of thing for website pictures & videos.

Ah, that’s a pity. The remote is useful, but basically what I need it to cast my browser content to Kodi (since it lacks a full-featured browser)

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