Sunsetting LineageOS 18.1 - what does this mean for /e/os development?

Sunsetting LineageOS 18.1

LineageOS just announced that LOS version 18.1 will be EoL soon due to Google publishing the last ASB on 05 Feb 2024. Which effectively means that LOS will not support devices with Android 11 and will only support A12, A13 and A14.

Because /e/os is a fork of LOS, what does this precisely mean for /e/os development? Many devices are still supported by /e/os and have their last version on the Android R / A11. But since this is gonna go soon EoL upstream, will those devices will be also dropped out of support by the /e/os and no logner maintained? Or is there any planned upgrade to A12 on all of those devices? Or is there some other scenario which I’m not seeing?

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You could ask in the development-updates if there is a roadmap on this.

My guess: A11 devices will continue to receive /e/ builds for a longer time - because it’s the distribution mechanism for included apps - but in all other regards you’ll get the upstream Lineage repo built.

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(deleted my prior post) - I’d be unaware that deprecated versions do see repopick’d asb backports, it isn’t in the version branches themselves where I could verify. I don’t want to derail this thread on that topic.


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