Support for Samsung Galaxy M20?

Hi Everyone

I’m a newbie in Custom ROM Android etc, and I hope just want to deGoogle for my phone and my own security data.

I really want to install this /e/ OS on my smartphone, but I cannot found a model to support my device, is there one model that is suitable for Samsung Galaxy M20?

thank you.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


You could use the arm64-a GSI image for the M20.
A GSI image is not a phone specific image, it can be used for many phones that support this system.
It can be that everything works great, but it can also be that some things do not work as they should.
On my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9pro, the fingerprint sensor goes crazy, and the reception strength is not displayed in the car, even though there is reception on the phone.
I had noticed that so far. It could be that this is not the case with the M20, or something else.
But it’s worth a try in any case, better than with the crappy Google on the phone.
Here is an installation instruction from the Redmi Note 9pro, should possibly work for you. GSI Installation on Redmi Note 9pro with Super Partition and root
Here you can find the latest images:
You need the …arm64_avS.img.xz file.

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Thanks mate! il try it later.

Im sorry but after install GSI version with twrp i have bootloop and error im flash in system image maybe i have do something wrong?


Oh, I’m just being dumb I accidentally wiped out internal storage oh god. :sob:

Does it work now? :thinking: