Support for Samsung Galaxy s5 g900A

Hi, I’m requesting support for the samsung galaxy s5 g900A. I thought it was, and ordered one so i could begin using /e/, however i realized it was the g900AZ that was supported, much to my dissapointment. I’m not sure if those are close enough that i might be able to interchange the operating system, but i would hate to brick the phone trying.

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A aka AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 4G LTE, Samsung Pacific

Like many other AT&T device versions, the bootloader of SM-G900A is completely locked down so you cann’t flash a custom recovery like Team Win TWRP.

Have you asked the provider/carrier AT&T for an activation code for this device? I’m afraid the chances aren’t going to be good.

→ The same problem exists with the Samsung Galaxy S5 G900V (verizon)

Wow i didnt know all that. I havent asked for a code, but that does sound unlikely. Perhaps i will just find a model i can work with. Thanks for your reply!

Now that i know about the bootloader, i did a little digging and came across a method to unlock it. I don’t know if its legitmate, but i have very little to lose by testing it out, so i will update on this thread about that later

These are very good conditions for further tests and sounds exciting. Let’s see what comes of this.