Support on Telegram? really?

Hello. I appreciate your work a lot. I was just wondering, a company that calls itself privacy conscious uses one of the most evil service providers? Maybe you want to reconsider?

Hello, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Could you provide one or multiple alternative(s) please ?

The need is to be able to :

  • manage several groups made for several purposes and manage for which we want notifications,
  • keep history of the conversation online,
  • have a group capacity of multiple thousand people with moderation tools,
  • the possibility to keep the data of the user private from other users (only a username visible and needed to contact somebody),
  • be able to answer to a specific message of the conversation to make things more clear and to receive a notification only when somebody answer to our message in the conversation (and not a notification for all messages).
  • be able to make calls
  • (would be nice to be able to delete or modify the message)
  • (on Telegram there is an announcements channel for which people can subscribe)
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How do you know it is evil?

Pls ask yourself why telegram is forbidden / blocked in countries where the government is spying on her own Citizen

And by the way: Why should a support channel be secured/in a e2e room ? It’s on open group with no information which has to be secured or encrypted.


Which countries would that be? Germany: not blocked. USA: not blocked. UK: not blocked. UAE: not blocked. Your point is invalid I think.

“It’s on open group with no information which has to be secured or encrypted.”
Came on. You know that is only very little about the content of the message when it comes to privacy.

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That’s the big point. The support group is like a forum. Here we are unencrypted, XDA, Android-hilfe and all other support forum are open and unencrypted. So I can’t really understand what your issue is


The issue is that by using a proprietary service where nobody knows what happens with the data as the e foundation which is considered a reputable and privacy conscious organisation you lead your users to believe that Telegram would be a safe service and it could actually be used. This is called leading by example. In this case unfortunately into the wrong direction.

I am sure you know the source, just for completeness: wiki/ Telegram#Datenschutz
“Die serverseitige Infrastruktur von Telegram ist proprietär. Eine Überprüfung vieler Betreiberangaben, wie beispielsweise die Sicherheit der Cloud-Chats und sonstiger auf den Servern gespeicherter Daten, wie Kontakte, ist daher nicht möglich.”

So links to sources of information are not allowed? That is quite strange.

I dont know why you would turn “vk . com” into a clickable link.

What is wrong with the Süddeutsche Zeitung as a source?

Hi Pete!

Of course, you’re as free to believe what you want on the telegram, as I am;

so, that also means that if you’re not comfortable with the support of /e/ via telegram, you’re free to not use it.

And by the way, I personally used telegram before I knew /e/

P.S.: it’s only 6 hours that you’ve registered with the community and you’re already so pissed off with it ?!? :joy:

No Pete, you just had to add “de.” prefix to the link, because otherwise that address does not exist.
But take into account that not everyone understands German, so it would be better if you translate the info and post it here. You can use

I see. So here is the translation since wikipedia does not have it in English:
"Telegram’s server-side infrastructure is proprietary. A review of many operator information, such as the security of the cloud chats and other data stored on the servers, such as contacts, is therefore not possible. "


urls are automatically clickable . That’s the WWW.

As I tried to point out: Of course I am free to (not) use Telegram. The problem I see is that /e/ sets an example for inexperienced users by giving the impression Telegram would be a safe service.

Question/Criticism = Pissed off? That is quite a far fetched conclusion unless we are talking religion. :slight_smile:

“urls are automatically clickable . That’s the WWW.” No it is not. Text becomes clickable by either an editor (apparently the case in the e forum) or by manually writing the HTML markup to make it a clickable URL. So I just wondered if letting the editor automatically do that is feasible for a forum editor - nothing else.

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All except last come with any decent forum software. The last is standard feature of phones. You forgot to list free or low cost?

Primary reason for Telegram: the Founder likes Telegram and chose it early.

@ manicure :smile: great post

But Telegram is not free, you pay with your personal data which then gets turned into money. How else is Telegram paying the bills in Dubai? Never heard of someone donating to these Russian guys.

But Telegram is not free, you pay with your personal data which then gets turned into money. How else is Telegram paying the bills in Dubai? Never heard of someone donating to these Russian guys.

Any source to back that up ? So far that’s a wild statement based on thin air.
Search engines will give some financial informations regarding telegram within seconds.
Is ‘Russian’ something bad or some kind of argument by the way ? Aside from being a xenophobe statement…

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Cant back it up since my links to the sources get banned and deleted, see above. But since you are good with search engines you will find the links yourself to make the thin air disappear.

If you see Russians as something bad in general, okay thats your opinion. I just said Telegram is a Russian company. That is a fact, not an opinion or an argument.

Anyway I just wanted to know why such a remarkable project like e is not using a more appropriate tool. Thats all.

…because obviously not everyone thinks like you on telegram.