Switch to @murena.io

Is it possible to switch completely over to @murena.io?

It occured a few times that @e.email wasn´t accepted and I had to use @murena.io.

I have noticed that my account is still @e.email and I am not able to login with @murena.io?

What do I have to do to switch from @e.email@murena.io?

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Same issue here. Is there a way to achieve this?

there was a try at introducing SSO / IDP allowing for multiple account identifiers to be used for login - that hit a roadblock last I remember and was aborted.

So until a second go at it it’s still the address used at sign-up being the valid log-in address.

Maybe a simple solution would be to create a new account.

I want to keep my ID.

I could delete my account and inmiddiatly create a new account with the same ID.

What I am hopening for, is that it is only a configuration setting in the system.

Both emails will work: I signed up using @e.email, and that’s the address I have used without problems for a couple of years. But any email addressed to my @murena.io address is delivered to my inbox.

I still have to log in to murena.io services using @e.email, but I can use @murena.io when I sign in to new services which require an email address.

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It’s working fine, but it is now a mix of @e.email and @murena.io.
And since new accounts are @murena.io, I jus wonderd what I can do to swich to @murena.io.

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