Sync contacts/calendar with computer application using USB

Hello Community,
I am new to /e/ and andoid system. My question is: does anyone might share experience in synchronising contacts and/or calendar between /e/ Smartphone (i.e. FP3) and a Windows computer using a USB cable ?
I don’t need/want cloud and I sync manually every 2-3 days only.

I used to to it with iphone - itunes - outlook (fully offline process).

Any idea will be welcome. Thank you!

Pls have a look here. That’s the same post

I would be happy if you would close/delete this post so will.will have all in one place. Thx

Hello Harvey186,
I read this post already but I don’t use Linux. I woud apperciate if Windows users have ideas or solutions!
Despite my wish of avoiding G00gle, I still have to use classical tools such as Windows or Outlook!

I think the related post will show you, that there is no solution for USB wire sync of calendar and contacts. Sorry.

I think the only solution is exporting appointments and contacts as vcf and ics files and import them to your outlook.
But therefore you have to delete all data first in outlook

MyPhoneExplorer can do this for you. And much more.
I’m using it for years now to sync my Thunderbird calendar and contacts with my phone(s) … among other tasks.

How To and FAQ


thx for the link :+1: :+1: :+1:

How about this solution: - see
Offline synchronization

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When I see it right, it’s not working via wire ( I mean the first one)

Thank you very much AnotherElk, you saved me a lot of time!
I installed MyPhoneExplorer and can 1) load contacts on my phone 2) synch contacts and calendar with local Outlook. It works fine.
Thanks harvey186 abd Ralf as well for support and suggestions!

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