Sync mail client windows desktop to efoundation phone

Hello, I have a windows desktop and an e foundation phone (android). I would like to sync my contacts (and if possible also emails and calendar) from my windows desktop to my android e-phone. Can you help? So far I have been using outlook on my desktop but I would like to stop using outlook if possible, and use thunderbird or another mail client instead that I could then sync. I’m open to the possibility of installing linux but I don’t know if that would help. I do most things on my desktop and just want to be able to have it all on my phone. I also want to access the contacts on my phone and desktop when I’m not connected to the internet. So a bit like outlook. Thanks! Rebecca

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If you have an e-phone you also have an e-account with and your contacts and appointments from phone are synced to out if the box. And with email app your emails are also available on your is a nextcloud server. If you will login via webbrowser to you have access to all your cobtacts, apintments and emails.
If you will have access to all on your win desktop you can use a email client of your choise. The standart email app of win10 will also work as thunderbird for windows. Same for apointments and contacts. For email I have the imap adresses with telegram. For contacts and appointments you have to use
the adress which you will find in your / calendar or contacts when you scroll down to settings.

thanks a lot! I will give it a go.

But the first thing you should change is your desktop OS! :wink::grin:

I agree and I intend to try in the coming days, but am not very tech savvy so it’s a steep learning curve!

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You can try ElementaryOS. It’s a good alternative to windoofs and good for first step to linux

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What the hell should us tell your post ?

I think sometimes read answers which are only wasting my tine and I’m asking myself why where they written.

I’m here to help people, that’s why I have made a proposal. Your answer is absolute out if topic and is zerro helping Rebecca :-1::-1::-1:

I’m going to make a point of trying as soon as I can. My problem is lack of computer skills other than for basic things, and they take advantage of that. But it’s up to us individuals to educate ourselves and not tolerate what is going on like sheep, so I will do it! I agree, google, microsoft, apple= evil in my eyes. Why we all put up with it I just do not know! ‘give me convenience /…’ the majority and I like to bury our heads in the sand

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Your reaction speaks volumes! :-1::-1::-1:

@ harvey186
would you mind sharing the pop/imap server adresses here or can you send them to me too?
I am having similar questions as rvanhorck and would like to avoid opening new posts for the same topic :slight_smile:

You can get an XML conf file here :

If you can’t use the xml file, here a howto with all needed information

@rvanhorck , in addition to the already good posts here. Might be good to know that you can run Nextcloud on your windows (or other OS) too. If you provide the login to your, then all your smartphone data (including contacts) is sync-ed to the nextcloud folder on your laptop too. Might also be handy for other pieces of data, info on your laptop/Pc you want to duplicate/share to your /e/ smartphone.