Taking Photos in RAW format

Is there a way to take photos in RAW format? I tried it using the both the default camera and OpenCamera, and I only have options to save in JPG, PNG, and WebP. I read in an article by itigic that OpenCamera supports RAW. I am using a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

There’s a few bits of info out there mentioning Open Camera and RAW. Some are quite old but may shed light on what to look for.

How to shoot full-resolution photos in RAW on the Google Pixel | VentureBeat (An oldie from 2016).

This one is in French…
Prise en main d’Open Camera 1.35 : réglages manuels et format RAW - Les Numériques

Device support for camera2api is a must it seems.

There’s been some talk in the forums where RAW and cmera2api are mentioned like this one…

Picture quality, S7 - Using /e/OS / User Queries - /e/ community

Lastly, the Open Camera home may be the first place to look.

Open Camera

Thanks. It seems like my Xperia doesn’t support it. It doesn’t have that setting, and I used Camera2 API Probe app by March Media Lab to check, and it says that it’s not supported.