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I recently installed /e/ on my galaxy S7, this ROM is excellent! However, something is seriously disturbing me and makes le hesitate to flash my usual ROM : the camera quality.
When I am in a camera app, the image quality is usual, but pictures, themselves, are really bad! For example, when I take a picture of a text, the letter outlines are really marked, which makes the photo ugly.
I don’t know if this can be fixed, I already tried different camera apps, but the issue remains.
Is there someone with an opinion on this issue?

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Hi Orib, and welcome in our community :slight_smile:

This topic talk about the same issue and might be a little useful.

I have looked at an Open Camera open source alnernative on AlternativeTo, I only found Simple Camera. You should try it, maybe it will be better.
(Update : it’s really a simple camera so you will just be able to take picture)

The other solution is to install Yalp Store in your samsung stock ROM, then display system apps in your application list, search for the camera application then “Save the APK”. You should be able to install the stock camera in /e/. (I’ve never try)

The only issue is that it’s not open source, but at least you have a good camera.

Hello, I share your opinion… As far as i know/understand this is caused by the fact that the camera drivers are not optimal used. The original vendor, in this case Samsung wrote the drivers and knows how to use them. In this case the same drivers are used, called blobs, but the usage is reverse engineered, because the source is closed (Samsung has the source code only). This results in poor quality (no offense to people working on it, it’s difficult stuff).

Actually, now that I’ve tested Open Camera, I don’t see any differences between the Samsung Camera.

Samsung camera photo : 4.47 MB
OpenCamera photo : 2.53 MB

Samsung camera photo after the removal of all metadatas with Scrambled Exif : 2.49 MB

OpenCamera photo after the removal of all metadatas with Scrambled Exif : 2.45 MB

(The 40 KB difference might be du to the fact I moved a little between the two pictures. On another test where the phone wasn’t moving, size after metadatas deletion were exactly the same)


Many thanks for your answers.
I don’t have many knowledge in mobile phones but I definitely think that the problem is coming from the drivers because I tried all the camera apps that I could find on F-droid.

Could it be possible for me to change the camera drivers ? I really need to fix the problem in the three next days because after them, I would not be able to find time to fix it.

Very interesting because on my S7, I clearly see that there is a big difference (between /e/ ROM and LineageOS)… I don’t know why you don’t have a significant difference…

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Hmmm my test is irrelevant and useless. I thought the problem was only OpenCamera so I’ve made a test with my stock ROM samsung phone, and OpenCamera installed on it.

But you are saying that OpenCamera on LineageOS works well and not in /e/, so the issue isn’t OpenCamera, and yes there might be a difference between the two that kill photos.

As far as i know the original low level drivers are used, but the problem lies on a higher software level, reversed engineered by LineageOS and other devs. @rhunault can you confirm this?

Yes probably. What is strange it that you said:

@Orib Could you confirm that you don’t have the same quality between /e/ and a LineageOS ROM (based on Android nougat)?

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No, the difference is between : (the default application on LineageOS) and (Open Camera on /e/).
I am not sure, but I remember that I have tried Open Camera on Lineage OS long time ago, and there was no quality difference.

I confirm that I have not the same quality between LineageOS and /e/, on Android Nougat (7.1.2) for both ROM.

Did you enable “Use Camera2 API” at the bottom of the /e/ camera settings? If not can you try to enable and see if it makes any difference?

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I was having like you some image quality rendering using default camera, same thing with opencamera… I fixed it using a Magisk module made specially for my rooted device (see my experience How to fix Sony Xperia XA2 missing sim card). Those camera modules are in fact applying patches to the system. It worked for me. In the Magisk repository, there’s also some modules made for Samsung devices, maybe a way to find a solution.

As suggested by @andrelam , did you try Camera2 API in OpenCamera settings? It fixes some issue on my Galaxy S6.

Thank you for your answer, I will try it if I find the time… in the three coming days

I have just tried. It effectively seems that pictures are really better! Thank you! However, something else is also disturbing me : pictures need a lot of time to be saved on my phone… I am wondering what could cause that…

Indeed, I bought a S7 mainly only for its camera, and otherwise, quite nothing else would have deter me from changing my S3. That’s why I am very concerned about these camera “issues”.

When I send photos taken through messaging apps like Signal, the quality stays very bad even if I enabled the Camera 2 API in Open Camera. I think that this can be explained by the fact that Signal has its own camera app.
I will surely try vlag24 proposition, but that’s very sad that the quality is that bad by default and that users should fix the problem themselves if it is possible… It should be fixed by default…

@Orib thank you for your feedbacks. As you said, Signal has it’s own camera app which not allow user to select Camera2 API.

We will work on this issue as we know that it is a big concern for all users to have a good camera on their device.

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Could the LineageOS drivers be reimplemented on the next S7 /e/ update ROM ? This is completely nonsense, my photos are taking around 20MB each, the /e/ camera driver completely ruins the ROM. I really need to take photos, and the storage on my S7 is not unlimited.
I will sadly be forced to come back to Lineage if nothing is done…
This is a top priority issue in the development of the /e/ ROM.

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Hi @Orib /e/ does not have camera drivers./e/ is a fork of Lineage code and uses open camera. You can try installing other camera apk’s available on the net and check if the results are the same


I have already tried…

Are you storing them as RAW or RAW + jpg, RAW takes or lot of space that’s normal…