"tap tap" for screen wake up

Using my new Gigaset for 1 week, satisfied and thanks to /e/OS team.
Just 2 whishes:

  • “tap” “tap” on screen to wake up should very usefull, a future option ?
  • possible to move icons on Home screen and keep new places…

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I use an app called WaveUp from F-Droid. Not the same but works fine in most cases.

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Does this work with the stock OS?
If not, there’s a good chance the display hardware doesn’t support it.

The Android thing to do in this case is to install a different launcher which behaves like you want it to. There’s a ton of choices, just search the forum for “launcher” to get an idea.

Which launcher can do this? Indeed the ton of choices seems to be very small. The problem is that this tap tap is not like any other gesture. The device (and the launcher) sleeps when this happens.

Lawnchair, for instance.

That’s why double tap to wake is partly hardware.