Tasks in ecloud.global Nextcloud not synchronising with phone

In the Nextcloud that is included with my /e/ account I have setup several combined calendars/tasklists. Tasks can be seen in the calendar on the web interface. However they don’t appear in Tasks app or Calendar app on my /e/ Fairphone 3. The phone synchronises with my /e/ account through DavX5. The calendars synchronise OK, it’s just the Tasks that don’t. And the Tasks app on the phone doesn’t show the new calendars/tasklists that DavX5 has, only the default ‘Personal’ one.


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Did you download and configure DavX5 for yourself?
If yes, you should do the following:

/e/ has DavX5 integrated into the Accounts Manager. If you go into Settings->Accounts, you can add an /e/-account. Then everything should work fine.

I do not know how things behave if you leave DavX5 installed alongside, so I would uninstall and use only the integrated version (works also with any other additional calendar, etc.)

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I think I have done that. In the Accounts list, I have
/e/ Address book
DAVx5 associated with my @e.email address
DAVx5 Address book
Nextcloud associated with my e.email@ecloud.global identity

OK. I now understand what you were telling me. I have uninstalled DAVx5 and am now using the built-in webcal/webdav synchroniser. The calendar information has updated OK, but the Tasks are still not showing in the Calendar, although they do now appear in the Tasks app.

Thank you for your help and advice.


I think it is not possible to display tasks in the default calendar app.
Maybe some other users have suggestions for Apps that can do both.

I wrote about tasks in this very forum. It seems that it is possibile to have it only locally.

I’ve never found the time to raise the issue on gitlab

It works fine, but only with the default calendar: “Pessoal” in portuguese, maybe “Personal” for you.
Don`t change its name and, in Task app, create tasks only in the “Personal” list.

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I have never come across an app that does both. None of the Calendar apps I have used on Android include tasks. I have always used a separate app for Tasks and To Dos

In my experience, the Tasks app will sync any tasks in your /e/ NextCloud Calendar(s)

Did you try Orgzly?

That app is inspired by Org mode of Emacs, it supports defining complex tasks, todos and setting up dates, but am not sure will it sync using the available tools. Might be

No. I’m quite happy using the Calendar app just for calendar events, and I don’t use an app to manage my tasks and 'To Do’s. I was just hoping tp help the posters who wondered why they are not seeing their task in the Calendar app.

Thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

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