Teracube 2e review with /e/ 18q

Like @RazorTalon, I would like to share my experience.
In my case, I ordered a Teracube 2e last year via indiegogo and it was shipped with Teracube’s ROM.
I installed IMG-e-0.18-q-20210827132306-stable-2e a few days ago, following This documentation


  • The root procedure : officially authorized documented and supported, thanks Teracube !
  • The flashing documentation : Flashing a smartphone has never been easier, thanks /e/ !
  • No Google inside ! I was searching for a solution (device + ROM) for years
  • Nice interface / icons (even if I use KISS launcher as daily launcher)
  • Nextcloud integration : I was able to set my own server in the first boot wizard
  • (Almost) everything works out of the flash
  • Apps store : the best of both worlds (open source store + google store)


  • Bluetooth media bug: no media sound in Bluetooth devices since I plugged a jack headset
  • Camera application freeze and crash (with device reboot) sometimes
  • Camera focus: fails to focus on short distances (3-5 cm). During the focus, I can see it’s optically able to do it … but it never stops at the good moment)


  • Swype keyboard : I use swype feature a lot, but it’s disabled in the default keyboard. So I install AnySoft Keyboard, but it needs improvements to reach a level good enough for everyday use
  • I had to install Magisk + patch boot.img to make my banks applications to work. Not so negative, but this step may be useless if the phone wasn’t rooted
  • The robotic voice for alerts in Magic Earth. I tried it on another 2e with stock ROM and I don’t remember this ugly text-to-speech voice, I will try one more time later

Anyway, I’m very happy and very proud to use this smartphone with this ROM.
When these little cons will be fixed, it will be perfect !


Hi @gagan, I can see you are working on the bluetooth media bug here: Status · Boards · e · GitLab
In my case it works until I plugged a jack headset, and now calls works but media sounds (netflix, deezer, …) use speaker only.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help to debug or make some tests.

To fix the robotic text to speech you can install the IVONA speech engine.

Thanks a lot, it works fine !