TWRP replacement for eRecovery on Murena Teracube 2e (/e/ OS preinstalled)?

Has anyone replaced the eRecovery on the Murena Teracube 2e with the recovery from TWRP? I’d like to do this until eRecovery has a backup flash option, and I’m curious how the process went. Based on other posts I see that the process for flashing a stock 2e with /e/ was pretty straightforward. I’ve flashed TWRP before and am fairly familiar with the process. @Manoj , do you know if this affects the warranty on a Murena device (I’m really hoping not)? Also, will I have to take steps to prevent the eRecovery being re-flashed over TWRP during an OTA update?

Hi @ecs, have you seen a TWRP listed for Teracube 2e?

I don’t find it.

TWRP and Android 10 mentions the difficulties of producing TWRP for phones designed and built for Android 10.

I am not fully informed, there is a gap in my knowledge, to understand quite what is the difficulty for TWRP or /e/ Recovery to play nice with, maybe, Super partition or, maybe, fastbootd (without rooting).

Edit, apologies that I have not answered you fundamental question, is it ok with Murena?

I found this on the Teracube community page, from a member of the development team.
I don’t know if it’s Android 10 or not though, I will ask

So your link does point to a TWRP with device tree. A search for Teracube on TWRP Devices shows no results. This (Custom) TWRP has obviously been tested by “Advanced” users. …and root is not required

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Many of the custom ROM listed on XDA Forums link to this version of TWRP, built by the same developer who builds the unofficial LOS 18.1 ROM, so it’s likely to be OK to use

I would always use TWRP rather than a LOS or /e/ recovery, as it will have more functions (e.g. backup) and is usually a more mature product (so will have fewer bugs)

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Yes, this is a big deal for me, backup especially. I rarely need backups, but when I do, it’s so nice to have them. I just feel like this is a fundamental use issue. I was amazed that Apple, which developed the fairly excellent (from a user perspective) Time Machine, then neglected to do the same for iPhone (yes, I know about cloud backup, but not the same thing).

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“Update recovery” (search settings) is optional.

If Update recovery is Off, no.

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Checking on this and will get back.

Checked with the sales team…On devices purchased from the eSolutions Shop, flashing a different OS other than /e/ voids the warranty not flashing a different recovery. Which means you can flash TWRP to replace eRecovery . That does not void the warranty.


Not that I would go out of my way to do this, but good to know…

Thanks, Manoj! This policy makes so much sense, it’s crazy! :crazy_face: An additional piece of information, from an earlier support ticket, I also confirmed that rooting with Magisk doesn’t void the warranty.

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