Teracube Emerald - Cannot boot properly - Not even access to data

Hello folks,
my Teracube was warning me I had no space left for a few days. One day I was using it normally and it switched off. When I switched it on again, as soon as I unlock the screen with my pin, it said “Bliss Launcher keeps crashing” and it reboots into “Recovery - Version 1.8 () - Active slot: a” and it says “Can’t load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device”.

Please help, I had months of pictures and documents which cannot be lost and unfortuntately I have no back-up of this stuff.


here is a thread from yesterday with the same issue - you’d need to follow it to the therein linked method do delete a bigger video file to free up space - Fairphone shuts down after entering pin and goes into recovery mode

if your phone is bootloader-unlocked you might have an easier time booting twrp (temporarily) for a GUI method. The user in the thread above had a bootloader-locked device so didn’t have that option available.

I guess you’d need to switch back to the b slot after deletion to be able to boot, let’s see.

(“no disk space left” issues increased in frequency the last week in this forum, I wonder why?)

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Sadly, there is no TWRP for the emerald as far as I know.
Cool thing about TWRP (in some cases) was the ability to put it into mtp mode which would allow transferring some stuff to a PC while in recovery mode.
Not sure if that’s possible with LOS-type recoveries.

Regarding the ‘no space left’ issue. What space is that referring to? Is /data really filling up somehow?
I know that /data/media/ should have a lot of free space. Especially considering the phone has microSD to regularly offload things to.
Maybe some OTAs are left if not set to delete after successful update.
This issue is odd.

Maybe if it were possible to boot into safe mode from the lock screen? Not sure if possible when a PIN is concerned.

@marcdw is this method for (the totally different device)Teracube ONE likely to work for @Noobie from powered off ?

If you get access to the phone, some simple ways to reduce stored data to fix “No Space Left”

  • Go to Settings > Storage, usually there some automated system will offer to clear some space. You may get clues here to anything using “unreasonable” space.

  • Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > select a large app > Uninstall (not available for every app, in this case move on to another).

  • Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > select an app you know to be complex > Storage > Clear Cache.

    • In some Android versions on the App info page, 3 dot menu top right, allow to “Sort by size” all apps. Now you can target the largest.
  • Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > Bliss Launcher > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache. Your arrangement of icons on the Home screen will be lost and icons will have the default arrangement.

In each case take time to note of the space in MB stated to be “cleaned”. Ideally, I suggest to aim to clear an minimum of 1GB before attempting to restart the device; I personally do not like to see Settings > Storage at 80% and would treat 85 - 90% as a maximum (likely some devices will be more sensitive.)

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Yes. Actually it works for any ROM and device. One can do it from the lock screen. Good if trying to get past that point doesn’t work.

Testing on all my devices, depending on Android version or device(?), long pressing Reboot works if Power Off does not.

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@Noobie , if you still have this issue (and did not factory reset your phone: OK it’s unlikely after 2 months…), I just had the same problem, and managed to workaround it. Hopefully it can help other users having the same issue.

See detail in "Your data may be corrupt": /e/os booting into recovery and crashing on startup after running out of disk space

To sum up, you need a computer with adb configured, plugged on the phone. In the recovery error screen of the phone, there is a arrow on top left that allows to reach afterwards an “advanced” menu, where you can enable adb. Then, you can “adb shell” in the phone, look for the biggest files through command-lines, remove one of them (hoping it’s not an important one, because the file names are obfuscated by filesystem encryption), then reboot.

NB: @marcdw : at least in my case, the safe mode did not help (the launcher still crashed, and phone still rebooted in recovery mode)