Thanks for NextCloud Support (custom server) in /e/ Murena Account/Device Setup

Basically what the title says.

Absolutely clutch functionality to be able to use my existing NextCloud account/server seamlessly with my /e/OS device to sync contacts/cal/tasks as well as device settings/backups.

Just stellar!


And it integrates with SeedVault? :sunglasses:

This is getting fun.

The less manual migration of apps and appdata I have to do, the better.

Good hint, I did not notice this before.
Works also seamlessly for me for my nextcloud calendar, and even SeedVault backup is included. I just had to add my nextcloud account without needing any special settings.
Great to see that /e/ supports my nextcloud server so easily. Thank you for this feature!

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I wont tell you how long it took me to notice I could do this :rofl: