The best search engine 2023

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I am checking different search engines and looking for one with good search results and at the same time focused on privacy, so definitely not Google search :joy:

DuckDuckGo has Bing’ish results, not the best. and Qwant also did not amuse me with the results.
Brave Search is nice for searches in English but for middle Europe it is so so, however better than above options.
I have heard lately about Ecosia search engine, it is for sure eco friendly one, but I’m not sure if it is privacy friendly as well :thinking:
With the Spot Murena search it seems to be searching on Google and DuckDuckGo accordingly to what small icons suggests next to the search results.

Which search engines do use and can recommend in 2023?
Do you think Ecosia and / or Spot are good choices when it comes to balance between good search results and privacy of the search?

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I like also SearXNG more and more. It’s decentral.

I’ve been using LibreX or LibreY, mostly because of the redirect features.

… is also licensing the Bing index. You either fronting Google and co as metasearch, or if its computing any search results itself, very likely the service is licensing Bing or Yandex corpora. There are a few services that build their own index, and then supplement the licensed index to lower their cost (Brave).

I’m fine with bing licensed search results - qwant, ddg, nona… all work for me when I switch for weeks at a time. I think paid search to non-meta search engines is a good idea, then you’re not offloading cost.

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So it seems that I will most probably stay with Brave Search. It seems to be the best balance between privacy and good search results. :wink:

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