The countdown starts : update v1.0 of /e/OS released

Join us as we go live on 31 May 2022
Save the date for the launch of v1.0


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


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Added to my calendar. Looking forward to this.

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Hi @Manoj ,
is there a way to see the stream later? At this time i am @ work…

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Will check if it is possible to have a recording for users who cannot view the live event.

Is this going to be broadcast on YouTube?

According to the newsletter:
“The replay will be available soon after the event if you ever cannot be with us live!”

Presumably at:


Got the link. Thanks

Looking forward to this. Hopefully we can get a look at what you guys have in the pipeline for later this year and moving forward!

To my fellow Americans, I believe that 1400 CET is going to be 8am New York time. You may want to double check me.

(I would have expected Murena to use a more privacy-friendly alternative like Vimeo or Peertube, but I do understand if you want to reach as many people as possible you have to be on Youtube.) is on Vimeo but not everyone will be on it, so YouTube is also there


Thanks, i found the link for Vimeo :

Murena Launch Event on Vimeo


A telegram channel has been opened up for this program

You can ask your questions on the chat channel and we will try our best to answer all questions during the Q & A session


It is live. :slight_smile: Thanks to the team!

I got no v 1.0 for Redmi Note 4 yet.

The fact that there was no mention of LineageOS in the conference, makes me question the integrity of Murena towards this other organisation. I’m far from an expert. You make clear that open-source is at the core of the system but why wouldn’t you give credit to the organisation that you get the code from? or are they not that important for your work?

You are totally right to make thing simple and not dig into technical stuff that I would not understand anyway. But aren’t you trying to hide something at the same time? In the same way that I’m not buying into what the GAFAMs are saying about privacy, I also question your sayings on that particular aspect.

Thanks for pointing that out. Will check with the team if any builds failed. Got info about only 1 device build failing…surya. A new addition to the list. Will check and update if more devices failed and when we can have them built.

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Is LineageOS a taboo? Fine, but as a newbie you need to tell me, otherwise I don’t know.