The /e/OS Installer arrives!

This is the list currently supported

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Exynos only
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – Exynos only
    we will add more devices as we fix the bugs and optimize the installer further.

What is the status on this?

If it is not available yet do you have an estimated date of when it will be available?

I have an S7 (Exynos) that I would like to test this on (it is an extra phone that I set aside for this purpose so I don’t have any worries about it being not fully final version).

Does the installer automatically unlock the bootloader when there is an official or unofficial way to do it?

The installer cannot unlock the bootloader as in most cases it will be the vendor who does it.

In case of a locked bootloader is there a message like:

We cannot proceed installation. Your phone is protected against changes by third party. Please refer to the vendor of your phone how to unlock your bootloader. - Vendor: <vendor name> / Phone: <phone ID>

When will the beta be available for everyone and when are you planning to release the V1?

The Installer will be available for all once the testing is done. That should take 1 month at the least. v1 is planned for the second half of this year around September 2020.
Off course the way things are turning with the virus impacting lives around the world at this point there is an element of uncertainty around all plans.


What are the news now that a month has passed? When will the installer be released?

Maybe next week. There are some last minute updates still going on. The current version only works with Linux OS and select Samsung devices.
We will be opening it up to all users.
It will also be opened up for developers who want to pitch in and add more devices and help with the further development.


We will be opening it up to the community - for developers who want to pitch in and add more devices and help with the further development.

Hi @Manoj, do you mean that it (the installer) will be open to the
entire /e/ community or only to developers (who want to pitch

I assume there would be quite a few early adopters that are not
developers but willing and able to test the installer and provide
feedback. Even if it works only on Linux (I assume many early
adopters would be using Linux on their desktop?) and only targets
some Samsung phones (S7 and S9 I assume?).

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I have kept aside to start
experimenting with /e/. And I run Linux machines.

I will not attempt to use the current install procedure, even
using the interactive script kindly and usefully provided by @harvey186 (in topic [[HOWTO] build eOS in old fashioned way with breakfast – now with interactive script])
because as @archje I know my limits, and

  1. it is likely to take me a considerable amount of time (which
    would prevent me from doing other things I am better at and that
    others are waiting on and pestering me to do…)
  2. the risk of me failing and being put off is a bit high and would be a shame…

Happy to test and provide feedback whenever the installer is made

I have edited my mail above . Hope that clarifies your doubt.

It does. Perfect. Many thanks @Manoj. Cheers.

Why is this not F/LOSS?

Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Since everybody will be able to contribute, I guess it will be published in our GitLab.

One step at a time :slight_smile: First we need to release it in its present form for all users. Then the code will also be available on gitlab for external developers to take a crack at it.


Thanks a lot you for your answer. Would you be able to give us a release date for the Linux version now that the week is over?

It should be in this coming week. We are going through the process of adding it to the snap store. That way it will show up like this…


Thank you for the update, that’s a great news! Will it be possible to get it with flatpack as well?

wow impressive. When is the windows version planned?

Will need to check and get back.